Monday, April 7, 2014

SleepPhones... Pajamas for your ears!

We’re happy to announce a wonderful new addition to our Superstore for Everything Snore family, a warm welcome to SleepPhones! A spin on traditional listening devices, the patented “headphone in a headband” design secures ultra-thin stereo headphones inside a soft, stretchy headband making them sleep-friendly. Developed by a family doctor, they provide a safe, all-natural way to encourage restful, audio-assisted relaxation without bulky headphones or uncomfortable ear buds.
SleepPhones come in two different styles: the classic and wireless. The classic Sleep Phones plug into most media devices, such as your iPod, smartphone, CD/DVD player, MP3 player, radio, white noise generator, computer and anything with a 3.5 mm jack. The wireless SleepPhones are Bluetooth-enabled allowing you to sync your sounds from a Bluetooth music player such as most smart phones or a computer with no bulky components or tangling wires.
If you have been searching for a comfortable solution to drown out your bed partners deafening sleep sounds, then you need to not look any further. Whether you decide to be serenaded to sleep by the sound of ocean waves, white noise, audio books or your own tunes, these “pajamas for your ears” certainly do the trick. These little guys are also washable, hypoallergenic and RoHS/CE compliant with the highest standard for electronics. With a more than 9 out of 10 customer recommendation, they just scream reputable.
Given the abundance of positive appraisals for these products, I took upon myself to give them a trial run. Truth is, I’ve had a hard time taking them off! Not only do I feel a constant, comforting warmth around my earlobes but also the sound quality is fantastic and the design doesn’t allow for distracting second-hand sound, as one might have anticipated. Whether I’m listening to soothing hums of nature during my workday, dancing about to my favorite tracks getting ready, or drowning out my bed partner’s earsplitting snoring, my SleepPhones are there around my head, pleasing my ears with soft, mellifluous sound.
When you are ready to block out the thunderous sleep sounds of your bed partner with something more warm and enjoyable, give the SleepPhones a try! I would highly suggest them.

For more information regarding these lovely ear pajamas, visit:

SleepPhones in their natural habitat, (my bed)